The Turtle Survival Alliance is a conservation nonprofit based in South Carolina with field offices and outreach programs across the globe. They employ a two-pronged approach to prevent extinction and promote recovery.


Project Scope

Fundraising material, event invitations for print and social media, posters, t-shirt designs, and other promotional material.

All work created using the existing TSA logo, designer unknown.

world turtle day promotion

World Turtle Day Social Media Header
World Turtle Day Social Media Post
World Turtle Day Email Fundraiser Letter

Fundraising & donor materials

TSA Fundraising Letter
TSA End of Year Letter
TSA Fundraising Envelope

drink beer. Save turtles.
Event materials

Drink Beer. Save Turtles. 2017
Drink Beer. Save Turtles. 2017 Event Poster.
Drink Beer. Save Turtles. 2016 Event Poster